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Named in the top 3 Best of Kansas City by The Pitch!

Hair Removal Kansas City

Many thanks to my clients, family and friends for voting me in the top 3 of the Best in Kansas City for hair removal as reported by The Pitch!

For the month of October, in honor of breast cancer awareness and my Mom, I will be donating a portion of sales to Cancer Action KC.

The Studio



  1. Pure and natural ingredients-Made of sugar, water, lemon and xantham gum.
  2. It is not hot-Sugar is applied slightly above body temperature, will not burn or lift skin. Perfect for those with skin sensitivities.
  3. Easy to clean up- Water soluble, no sticky residue.
  4. It will not stick to the skin-Sugar only adheres to dead skin cells, will not lift any live skin. The process not only removes hair but also exfoliates your skin to leave it silky smooth.
  5. Will not break as many hairs-Sugar is applied against the natural hair growth, seeps in to the hair follicle, wraps around the hair and removes the hair gently in the natural direction of growth. This process results in less breakage, which means less ingrown hairs, results last longer and less discomfort to the client.
  6. Sanitary-No double dipping! Your practitioner will have gloves on and use an individual ball of sugar for each service.
  7. Extract short hairs-Due to the precise technique of sugaring, we are able to extract hairs shorter than 1/4 inch once you have been sugared.
  8. Eco-friendly-No sticks or strips used, just the sugar paste and a gloved hand. Less waste and results in a speedy service.
 Brazilian $65  Booty $40
 Extended Bikini $55  Abdomen $35
 Basic Bikini $45  Chest $55
 Eye Brows $30  Neck $20
 Upper Lip $20  Shoulders $25
 Cheeks $20  Lower Back $35
 Chin $20  Full Back $65
 Nostrils $10  Underarms $30
 Full Face $75 (add brow +$20)  Half Arms $50
 Underarms $25  Full Arms $70
 Half Arms $45  Brows $30
 Full Arms $65  Nostrils $10
 Booty $35
 Lower Back $25

Packages: (1 year expiration)
3 Brazilians $180

Please note there is a 24-hour full fee cancellation policy.

Quarter inch hair growth is best for your first sugaring treatment, if hair is longer trim to 1/4 inch. Exfoliate your skin and use lotion leading up to your visit. On the day of your treatment, no lotions or oils on your skin and no exfoliating.

Skin may be tender the day of, no exfoliating for 2-3 days after your service. Exfoliate daily with exfoliating gloves and use coconut oil to keep skin hydrated and to avoid ingrown hairs. Schedule treatments every 4-5 weeks.

TanningOur formula is quick drying, nearly odor free and creates a gorgeous bronze glow on all skin tones. Unlike lower quality formulas, which increase the DHA levels, we use high-end colorants to darken skin tone with no orange tint. Our base of organic aloe vera gel soothes the skin while enabling the active ingredients to adhere and ensure an even tan.

Single Tan $45
3 for $115
(1 year expiration)

Please note there is a 24-hour full fee cancellation policy.

Exfoliate your skin and moisturize daily leading up to your tan treatment. All hair removal the day before. Come to your appointment with clean skin, no lotions, oils or deodorant and wear dark, baggy clothing and flip flops.

Wait 6-8 hours after your treatment before any physical activity or showering. Your first shower you will rinse the topical bronzer off, no exfoliating. Lotion daily to extend tan and exfoliate when ready to remove. Your tan will last 7-10 days with proper care.

About Ashley

Ashley Davis

Ashley is originally from Lenexa, KS. She moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to go back to school for Esthetics. She worked for Studio Alexandria LA, a sugaring salon, where she mastered her trade and also became an educator for Alexandria Professional. She moved on in her career in 2013 and became an independent contractor for a salon owner, Sugarlips Esthétique, focusing on sugaring hair removal. In November of 2013 opened her own airbrush tanning business, Bronze Bar. She decided to relocate back to KS in December 2015. Nobody in the Kansas City area was offering sugaring hair removal and she knew in her bones that this wonderful service, that is all the rage in Los Angeles, would be a great success in Kansas City!

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